January 27th, 2005


Comments wanted

I'm an idiot.

We've known this for a while. Seriously, it seems like every week or two I say "Oh! Duh! That thing I've been complaining about not being able to do? I've been able to do it THE ENTIRE TIME". And this isn't any exception.

So I'm sitting here thinking "Hey. You know, I've got this nice digital radio station that I use at work and pay a small amount of money for. And it's totally worth it. I can get cool music that sounds pretty good just about anywhere. Huh! I wish I had that in my car! I keep not being able to find a radio station I like, and over 20 miles generally the one I've found isn't getting good reception anyway. Why doesn't anyone make a good, reliable digital satellite radio station for cars!"

Yeah. Like I said. I'm an idiot.

So: Does anyone have any experience with those? As near as I can tell there are two big competitors out right now, XM and Sirius. From what I've read, Sirius has slightly lower audio quality and is superior in (as far as I'm concerned) every other way. Does anyone use either of these? How reliable are they? Is the music actually good and diverse, or is it just the same fifteen songs in a loop?