March 7th, 2005


general loathing of humanity

So I went and bought a Sirius receiver.

This part isn't really loathe-worthy. It's actually pretty good. It has some problems with reception (which could probably be solved by mounting the antenna outside the car like it's supposed to be, instead of just leaving it inside) and it has some problems with sound quality (which could probably be solved by getting an audio cable and hooking its line out directly into my radio's aux in, instead of using its FM broadcast option - keep in mind that my car radio also has no antenna, so I'm surprised it works as well as it does.)

Mostly it's good.

Loathing Part 1:

The packaging says, and I quote letter-for-letter, replacing the cute little checkmarks with *'s:

* 120 channels, coast to coast
* Over 65 channels of 100% commercial-free music.
* More than 50 channels of sports, news & entertainment!
* Here the entire NFL every week, everywhere.

@#%$@#^#$% HERE? HERE?

(I suppose it's also worth pointing out that the punctuation is inconsistent - #2 and #4 have periods, #3 has an exclamation point, and #1 has nothing. But that pales in comparison with "here".)

Loathing Part 2:

The back lists the available channels. Four channels, in series:

Sirius Patriot // Conservative Values
Sirius Right // Conservative Talk
Sirius Left // Liberal Talk
Air America // Progressive Radio

Where's the "unbiased factual talk" station? Oh yeah, this is America, we don't do that kind of thing.
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