March 25th, 2005


terri schiavo

Okay. I've cheerfully ignored this entire thing up until now, but there's one bit that keeps bugging me.

Everyone has an agenda.

I've looked, and I've looked, and I can't find a single person who's gotten together a list of competent doctors, unassociated with either side, given them all the evidence and asked them for an opinion.

What I have found: one side says "Every doctor hired by the other side says ____, but our objective doctors, who are clearly right, say ____!" Meanwhile, the other side says the exact same thing.

And it feels like there are a few issues here. And one of them - the big one, "is she conscious", "is there any mental activity there", and "will she get better" - isn't being tackled objectively by either side. And then they're all getting conflated together. And then most of the rest is just the classic right-to-life stuff that we've been warring over for decades-if-not-more anyway.

But that big one - the one that you really could get some scientific objective info about - I just haven't seen it.

Who knows. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Still, it kind of disturbs me.

(no subject)

<lordpil> which would you rather have?
<lordpil> basic high speed internet, or high speed with aol?
<ZorbaTHut> the former. :P
<ZorbaTHut> AOL is a minus, not a plus.
<lordpil> well the commercial says the latter
<lordpil> though they attribute it to 'tuna'
<lordpil> and basic high speed is 'ham'
<subbawt> i prefer ham
<ZorbaTHut> I prefer ham too
<jbm_> ham is gross
<lordpil> me too i had an excellent ham sandwhich today
<lordpil> got it from the local deli across the street
<s4v> i prefer roast beef actually
<ZorbaTHut> I guess we're just not their target audience
<lordpil> i don't get why people like roast beef
<lordpil> it sucks
<ZorbaTHut> yeah, roast beef's even better
<lordpil> it has hardly any taste
<ZorbaTHut> but if the argument is between ham and tuna, I'd go for ham
<s4v> no way
<_keroppi_> I had a corn beef sandwhich today
<ZorbaTHut> lordpil, only if it's done badly
<ZorbaTHut> keroppi, corned beef is awesome :D
<_keroppi_> Ham's way better than tuna.
<lordpil> corn beef is better than roast beef
<subbawt> i've never had corned beef
<armistad> i just had a corn beef sandwich like 3 minutes ago
<armistad> corned*
<_keroppi_> Corn beef is wicked because it can't go bad.
<s4v> corn beef is awful
<armistad> it is awful, but i'm starving
<lordpil> i had steak tips of dinner
<jbm_> it's all about peppered turkey.

Now you see how conversations get started in this channel.

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You'd think I'd learn after the fourth time in a row a particular brand of beer sudsed up and overflowed after opening.

You'd be wrong. But you'd think so.