March 31st, 2005



So a while back, I wrote about Dust.

Since then, I've got two more universes - not as full-formed, but then, I haven't been trying to flesh them out.

The first one happens in a world where willpower is everything. People look like they actually feel inside, people have "appropriate" powers, but it all comes down to willpower. The story revolves around someone who has a type of power that hasn't ever been seen before. Except I haven't been able to figure out what that power is, and I also haven't been thinking about it much. I'm calling this one Soulscape just for ease of reference, but I'm not sticking with that title.

The second one is called Frozen Silver. It happens far in the future, with a population that has incredible technology - both science and magic, interwoven - but no spaceflight. And their sun is dying, and most of the population refuses to believe it, but the world's just getting colder and colder.

And I almost don't bother writing stuff like this down anymore.

Because I'll never, ever, ever get to these. A list of universes I want to play with, in approximate order:

Campfire (edit)
Arena (edit)
Frozen Silver

And these are just the major big ones, and the ones I've come up with lately. I can think of half a dozen that are so unformed that it's not worth mentioning. (No, I haven't mentioned MV, Scourge, Hellbreak, or Ouroboros (or Campfire, or Arena) before. I'm probably not going to. MV is what I'm writing my first game around, so come back in a year or two and maybe I'll have something worth showing.)

Plus, if I ever get to Frozen Silver, I'll have dozens more already. And probably some of them will be more interesting than Frozen Silver.


Does anyone want to draw a webcomic for me? :P
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