April 17th, 2005



So my apartment smells like a apartment.

It's not bad. It's just not particularly good. I live there, I do various things in this apartment. Some of them do not involve flowers and incense - in fact, the vast majority of them don't. And by "vast majority" I mean "all".

I don't particularly like incense. I mean, it's okay, but it smells . . . incensey. In fact there's a lot of smells I don't particularly like. "Anything artificial" is one of them. What I really do like, and would love to have, is a low-key natural wood smell - like what you get when you buy furniture from Ikea, for example. I like that smell. It's clean. It's natural. It's pleasant.

My current thought - buy bag of wood chips from somewhere, leave a pile of woodchips out on a plate, replace wood chips occasionally. This might work. It might not. Since my experience has been that no matter how obscure the question, *someone* that reads this is probably an expert (often my mom), I decided to ask you.

Good idea? Bad idea? Good-idea-but-here's-a-better-idea?

The best response will win a subatomic particle of my choice.

(Where the hell do you get a bag of woodchips?)

("Okay, kids! Get in the car! We're going to the woodchippery!" "YAAAAY")

state of the zorba

In random order:

(1) Work.
(2) Home network restructuring.
(3) IRC bot.
(4) Badass brilliant sexy geek girlfriend. (I win the universe.)
(5) Games.
(6) Writing of Devastation Net.
(7) Webcomic script.

Life is crazily busy, but good.

I'll probably talk more about #4 in the future. Right now I'm mostly mulling.

And basking.

There's definite basking.

(no subject)

A while back I mentioned that my credit card company was sending me panicked letters, noticing that I paid off my entire balance (which I do every month) and begging me to keep using them.

Now that I've done this for the third time, they've decided to raise my credit limit also.

I'm vastly amused at the obvious logic here. "Paying the balance off once is bad for us! Therefore, paying the balance off THREE TIMES is EVEN WORSE!"

I guess the fact that I keep using the card just hasn't sunk in yet.