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Zorba the Hutt's Journal

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Sunday, May 8th, 2005
2:59a - h2g2
Personally, I really really liked it.

Okay. It was random. It was bizarre. It was entirely illogical and unpredictable.

Come on. It's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

What are they going to do? If they copy the book we're bored. If they make it a generic sane love story we're bored. Space opera? Bored. Standard humor flick? Bored. Action movie? Riot.

What was I expecting? I was expecting surrealism. I was expecting to be slammed with bizarre painfully dry British humor, over and over, with no particular rhyme or reason. I was expecting a sappy love story wrapped up in a madman's drug trip.

I got *more* than I was expecting. I got chunks of Hitchhiker's Guide that felt right. (And contradicted all the other incarnations blatantly. That, I was expecting.) I got random bizarre humor. I got just enough parts that made me say "Yeah! I remember this! This is Hitchhiker's Guide!" and just enough parts that made me say "hahahahah that's brilliant these guys are wonderful" and just enough parts that made me say "wtf? WHAT JUST HAPPENED".

And the scale omfg the scale. I wasn't expecting to learn from this movie, but, wow, I gotta watch this again just for half a dozen amazing scenes with incredible scale. (Like the constructor fleet. And the microphone. And the Magrethean transport.)

It was hokey. It was cheesy. The animation was good but never overshadowed the actors. It was creepy in some spots (just like the books) and bizarre in some spots (just like the books) and funny and sad and . . . yeah.

I liked it.

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3:06p - oh yeah, one other thing
Was h2g2 as good as the books?


See, the books stand alone. I don't believe the movie would stand alone. Too many injokes.

But it was very good, and it's a worthy successor.

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