June 1st, 2005



So aaangyl asked for five suggestions of webcomics that I thought she should read. And then pointed out that if I was writing this list up for *her*, I could just post it online and let *everyone* get the benefit of it.

So without further ado, here's the seven suggestions for webcomics that I think everyone should read, in alphabetical order.

(Yay for bargaining skills.)

(1) Angels 2200. Lesbian starfighter pilots! It's actually far better than you'd expect from the first dozen pages - the characters are surprisingly deep and the plot, while *still* just getting started after almost 300 pages, is clearly going to be interesting. Drama.

(2) Gin and the Devil. The closest thing I can compare it to is Something Positive, and that's not a very good comparison at all. Modern-day comic about a bunch of people with a bit of cynicism. And this. I think they've passed 100 strips, but perhaps not by much. Humor.

(3) Gossamer Commons. One of the two comics I picked out specifically for her tastes, this deals with a guy. And fairies. The plot has taken a truly beautiful and awesome twist, but it's really only just started, and it remains to be seen. It's only around 30 pages so far, but it's making progress. Plot.

(4) Ozy and Millie. If you find yourself missing Calvin and Hobbes, go read this. No more needs to be said. Long - *very* long - history goes back to 1998 and a not-insubstantial part of that was daily. I expect it's well over 1000 strips at this point. But it's worth it. Zen.

(5) Rob and Elliot. Complete and total chaos. Chaos. Utter chaos. This is the person that's taken over the Sunday Sluggy strips, and he's doing a beautiful job of getting the old Sluggy ambience down . . . and his own comic is ten times as weird as Sluggy ever was. Around 100 strips, and good artwork. Contains cocktail weiners. Humor.

(6) Sam and Fuzzy. The other one I picked for her. One man, one strange talking bear, some sort of cat thing, and there's this lizard now. I'm not quite sure what to make of the lizard. Wouldn't surprise me if it's passed 400 strips by now. Humor.

(7) Schlock Mercenary. Epic space opera. EPIC. Five years, daily, makes for 1500 strips and counting - and that's not what makes it epic. Be warned - the early artwork is atrocious. But for far-future science fiction, the science is astonishingly good. Expect lots of blam. Plot/humor.

I could probably go for more. But I'll leave it at this, for now.

and on a completely different note

Eric Burns writes a long rambly post about all sorts of things.

Some of which happens in San Francisco.

I'm starting to have an interesting relationship with this area. I'm feeling like I know it, far better than I ever knew Seattle. So I read something like this, and if it had been Seattle, I would have thought "huh, this cool guy was near my city, kind of."

But here, I read this and I know where he went because I've been in the same areas. The Cal-Train? Five blocks from my house. I drive under the train tracks every day. Fisherman's Wharf? I've been there. I've seen the sea lions. I've brought *other people* to see the sea lions on multiple occasions. And, you know, just a few days ago, Eric Burns and Shaenon Garrity were looking at those same sea lions.

And the weird thing is that this isn't a rare occurance. Random people just come and hang out in this area I'm starting to know very well. Random events happen nearby, and I could go to them (and rarely do, but mostly just because they're not *quite* interesting enough.)

It feels like, you know, not just a city. It feels like my city.

I like this city.

(Well . . . this urban sprawl. Let's be realistic here.)