June 2nd, 2005


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(1) Star Wars 3 was pretty good if you ignored the dialogue.

(1.1) "Only a Sith deals in absolutes."
(1.1.1) What the hell?
(1.1.2) Holy hypocrisy, Batman!
(1.1.3) Actually, the Sith spends most of the movie talking about how morality is *relative*. It's the Jedi who claim you must stick to absolutes.
(1.1.4) What the hell?

(1.2) Never, ever, ever let George Lucas write romantic dialogue.
(1.2.1) Ever.
(1.2.2) Seriously.
(1.2.3) I'm not kidding.

(1.3) You almost end up feeling sympathetic for Anakin.
(1.3.1) If I were in his place, I'd probably end up saying "you're all assholes, I'm going to go live on Dagobah for a decade, let me know when you've got this war thing sorted out."
(1.3.2) Plus there's Padme.
( Yeesh.
(1.3.3) They're all a bunch of manipulative bastards!

(2) I like cheese.

(2.1) Mmmm. Cheese.
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So you know how, sometimes, you'll download an mp3 and it'll be corrupted?

And you know how, in theory, this seems like it's something that could be detected with a program?

Does anyone know of a program that'll do this? Ideally on a very large directory structure with a whole lot of mp3s?