June 18th, 2005


another call for arms (and wrists, and hands, and visual cortexes, but that's pretty much all)

A month or two ago I posted this big ranty entry about how I had umpteen bajillion ideas for comics but no time or skills to draw them. And ryukumon said "hey, I've got time and skills!" and made a rather neat bit of concept art, and I made a script, and then he stopped having time. (Presumably he still has skills.)

As unfortunate as this is, these things happen (although, if you do find yourself with an enormous amount of free time again, let me know :P) and it leaves me right back where I was before. COMPLETE LACK OF PROGRESS

So. I still have ideas. Many, many, many ideas. And it's come to my attention that there exist people who have time, and skills, but no ideas. I will admit I don't understand this in the least. But I'm perfectly willing to take advantage of it, and by "take advantage of", I mean "enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement with".

So: If you can draw, and you want to draw a webcomic, and you have time to do so, and you need someone to come up with a script, I would love to make a webcomic with someone. This goes out more than just one layer, btw - if you have a good friend who's been moping around wishing he or she knew what to draw, feel free to put them in touch with me. And this goes even if Dust didn't touch your particular chords - I'm perfectly willing and able to come up with something that *you're* excited about drawing.

Let me know.

thoughts about computer power

People ask me why I overbuild computers.

As I write this, my computer is doing many, many things.

It's running EVE Online - I'm mining, it's minimized, it's just burning CPU while I burn away at an asteroid. Every half an hour I check it and change to a new asteroid if necessary. In terms of personal effort vs money, it's hard to beat this return ratio.
I'm doing development work on it. So every once in a while it spikes when I compile.
I'm playing music constantly, of course, so Winamp's running.
I'm decompressing a large set of files.
And I'm running two entire virtual computers, both of which are doing nontrivial things.

Yes, I overbuild computers. But I'm capping both CPUs right now, and using most of my RAM. And it's holding up, and still has no speed issues, everything's performing like it's not under any load because of how I have it set up.

(Well . . . except Eve Online, but I have that turned down.)

And that's why I overbuild computers - because I can *use* this much power.