August 8th, 2005


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I've been having one of those generically crappy days.

Not that there's anything particularly wrong with it. It had absolutely nothing noteworthy that's good happen in it, and nothing noteworthy that happened that's bad. Like, I misremembered the time the bubble tea place opened, which is bad. But I managed to sneak in a pizza order right before they closed, which is good. And I got the bug fixed in the code at work, which is good, but I had to spend five hours beating my head against it first, which is bad.

And I'm feeling kind of fume-y and loathing-of-humanity-y (which is pretty usual, honestly.)

I arrive home and the games I bought arrive literally three minutes after I do. And on one side, that's good. But on another side I want to go to bed, and might not even get around to doing more than installing one of them.

Plus, the games arriving really makes my fume a little less effective, without actually removing the fact that I *want* to grumble.

So I dunno. Is this whatever-powers-that-be saying "here, feel better", or is this just Murphy thumbing his nose at me one last time?


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Oh man, this game is awesome.

"Can you tell me where Sasha Nine's secret lab is? He told me to meet him there."
"Do not know. You should ask girlfriend."
"Again with the girlfriend? She's not my girlfriend!"
"Am kidding. We both know, girl only good for one thing. Wrestling."
". . ."
"Unless have skinny arms, like your girlfriend. Then out of luck."

Yeah, this is worth it.

(Go get Psychonauts. It's awesome.)