August 10th, 2005


in which zorba gets pissed

There's one thing that consistently bugs me about PC games. The copy protection.

Now I don't mind on console games. I mean, the data's on the DVD. Obviously you need to put that in the drive to play it. Duh. But when I'm burning 6gb of storage, and I know full well that all you're using the CD for is to "prove" that I own it? Yeah. Uncool.

And it's worse than that because (1) I bought the damn thing, and (2) even if I hadn't? They couldn't stop me anyway.

Plus PC CD drives are loud. Far more so than console drives.

So when I buy a PC game, it usually gets the copy protection working until I decide to put a different disc in the drive, and at that point I go to the trouble of cracking it.

Battlefield 2 REALLY pissed me off.

I installed it and so forth, and went to run it, with the copy protection as normal -

and it wouldn't run because it didn't like some of the programs I had running.

Oh no! These programs can be used to fake out a game into thinking the CD's in the drive when it ISN'T! Don't run! Don't run!


Took me ten minutes to crack it, and you better believe I'll think twice next time I buy an EA game. And I'm already thinking twice because, eww, EA.

Yeah. It'd better be a pretty damn good game if EA expects me to give them money again.