August 13th, 2005


double plot reversal

So let's imagine there's the Good Guys. And the Bad Guys. And the war is going on, and then . . . a new horrible menace shows up! And the Good Guys and (previously) Bad Guys join up and learn the value of friendship.

Wait, no they don't. They join up and then the Bad Guys backstab the Good Guys, and the Horrible Menace joins the good guys, and they all completely trounce the Bad Guys.

Yay for destroying common plot cliches.

Someday I'll use this.

how I know I have ADD

I cooked sausages, put them on a plate, grabbed a knife and a fork, and went to sit down at my computer.

As usual, this involved several aborted "oh I should take care of that" moments, a few times of noticing people talking to me on AIM, and so over the course of about ten minutes my plate and condiments gradually migrated to my computer.

Finally ready to eat, I picked up the two knives and -


Two knives?

Yes, somewhere along the way my fork had turned into a knife.

I have no idea where the knife came from. I couldn't figure out where the fork had gone. I suppose it's possible I just picked up two knives to begin with, but that seems unlikely, I usually get the right silverware the first time out.

The world may never know.