August 22nd, 2005


for fuck's sake

I just got a message from a random guy who claims he has PROOF! that Google has turned evil.

You see, he's getting messages that arrive in his gmail inbox . . . several days late!

How diabolical!

Yes, he's serious. He really thinks that Google employees are specifically delaying his email for their own nefarious purposes. Not modifying it, or spamming him, or distributing it to others . . . just . . . delaying it. And not delaying most of his emails either, only a few. (Not a terribly important few either. Just a few random emails.)

That's got to be the most pathetic evil plot I've ever heard of. It's right up there with "I will secretly replace his fabric softener with . . . a slightly inferior brand! MUHAHAHAHAHHAHA!"

He honestly believes Google's turned evil for the sole purpose of delaying his email.

I give up. I hate humanity, and that's just all there is to it.