September 14th, 2005


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MS has painted themselves into a rather interesting corner.

Here's the issue. Windows Vista is coming out soon. They are of course claiming that it will be awesome and amazing. I personally don't see all that much left in it that I'm excited about, but that's not really important.

Windows XP is, as I understand it, nearing its end of life. This means it won't be sold anymore.

This next part is a pure thought experiment. Let's imagine Windows Vista sucks - let's imagine it's the worst OS since Windows ME. Back in the Windows ME days, there were two easy solutions - you could either buy Win98, or Win2k. With Vista, you won't have that option. Vista will be the only choice.

I don't think Vista is going to be *that* bad. But if it is, MS has two choices: Admit that they fucked up and extend XP's lifetime, or lose customers who want an OS that isn't bull hockey. (I imagine they'd go to OSX or Linux, depending on the customer and their needs.)

Again, I doubt this will happen. I'm expecting, at worst, a situation like the 2k to XP jump, where some people preferred the new one, some people preferred the old one, but in the end most people would be fine on either one. (At least, once you turned off the XP theme.) And with luck Vista will be a real leap ahead - I'm divided on the "let's hope MS does well because I still use Windows for games and I'm selfish", "let's hope MS does well because competition is always a good thing", "let's hope MS does well because I don't want to wish harm to anyone", and "burn, suckers" fronts. But if I were MS, I'd be a bit worried on this front.

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So: how many calories are in one bag of popped popcorn?

First off: One serving, unpopped, is 35g. They're claiming that the entire bag is about 3 servings, and that works out - 105g is close to 99g. I can buy that.

The next line reads "(makes 4.5 cups popped)".

Now, if we assume that's per serving, that means we end up with a truly phenomenal 13.5 cups of popcorn out of one bag. Which seems unlikely. So let's assume that means per bag.

But then after that, we see that a "serving" of popcorn is 1 cup. And if our bag contains 3 servings, that means we have 3 cups of popcorn, not 4.5 cups!

I think I've finally worked out the answer here. One serving *unpopped* turns into 1.5 servings when you pop it. And that's why everything's so painfully inconsistent.

I mean, duh. Why didn't I think of that before?

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And here goes my brain creating another universe.

No details yet, it's just combining various mental images. I've got part Dar Williams - Mortal City, part Vanessa Carlton - Half a Week Before the Winter, and part the swimming pool in my apartment.

Sometimes I really wish I could turn this thing off, but . . .

. . . nah.

Guess I'll see where it takes me this time.