October 28th, 2005


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<Yunited-b> Im trying to write a console program which will translate A-Z characters into blind text (.... .. ...) so the blind people can translate it in their language and read
<|Phreak|> define 'blind text'
<roopjm> braile?
<|Phreak|> they read braille... there is nothing to translate, you just print it on a braile printer
<roopjm> do you have a braile terminal for them to use?
<Yunited-b> nope they can use their monitor

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Quick comment:

I am totally fucking impressed with the leader animations in Civ 4. Not only have they managed to make every single nation's leader look entirely different and unmistakably part of that ethnicity, but they have *also* managed to convey personality in a five-second animation, AND they've made each and every one of them look cool enough and competent enough that you can imagine following them to the end of the earth.

And we're not talking half a dozen civilizations here. Hell, there are two different Mongolian leaders alone, and they both have totally different "personalities". Go look at this game - even if it's just to watch the leader animations.

Also, Hatshepsut is hot.

I suspect that last line ranks very highly on the list of "things you didn't expect to see on this journal".