January 1st, 2006


why zorba hasn't gotten much done this weekend

Yesterday I woke up to an annoying beeping noise.

"Ugh", I think, "someone's alarm clock is going off."

But the beeping noise is strange. It's not BEEPBEEPBEEP or buzzzzz or anything - it's more of a Beep . . . Beep . . . Beep. What the hell?

I look over at my clock, which claims it's apparently blank o'clock. Dammit. Get up, turn my last computer off - the rest all shut down instantly when the power went out, so who knows what unsaved files I've lost - and turn the UPS off to stop it beeping.

Then, of course, go back to sleep.

Over the course of the day I did a little painting on the miniature I'd meant to work on, then stopped when it got too dark. Did some cleanup around the computers that I hadn't wanted to disturb so I'd keep their uptime - guess that's gone now, though 250 days on a BSD box and 150 days on a Windows box is pretty damn good. Pulled cords, cleaned up the wiring a little, then it got too dark. Read two books, went out for dinner, and went to bed.

The next day the power came back on, so I scanned my fridge for anything perishable that would need to be thrown out (nothing - yay for the bachelor lifestyle!) and started rewiring my computer systems so they were all on the UPS. And discovered that after those nine months of tinkering with my BSD box it no longer booted up properly. Two hours of fiddling with that and it was fixed. Wire up the rest of the computer equipment (apparently, all my battery-backup-required equipment together draws about 500 watts of power, which gives me 12 minutes of battery backup) and get it all running.

Catch up on email and LJ and fix some more things that are broken in my configuration, finish more cleanup since it's half done already, and do eight loads of laundry (don't ask) . . . and yeah, the only part of that I'd *meant* to do this weekend was the laundry.


At least my computer setup is cleaner though.

Now I'm going to unplug the UPS and see if it all keeps working. :)

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Looks like it works.

On the minus side, it also looks like that "12 minutes" might actually be more like 6 minutes. I think it's time to go buy the extended battery.