July 14th, 2006


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Man, squash is good.

You can buy a bunch of it and throw it in a closet. No refrigeration. It'll last for months without a problem. It takes about two minutes of prep to start cooking it and about five minutes after it's cooked to get it ready to eat. And it's really, really tasty.

So, if there's anyone on my list who's afraid of cooking, here's something extraordinarily tasty you can do with very little work. All you need is an oven, a knife capable of cutting squash (you could probably use a butter knife if you didn't mind a bit of hard work), a fork, a spoon, and a bowl. Want to make it even tastier? Get some brown sugar. Here's the recipe.

(Oh yeah, you'll need a squash too.)


Pick up a basic winter squash. Butternut is good. Acorn squash is good as well. I don't recommend spaghetti squash because, while it's awesome, it's kind of the Advanced Class of squash cooking.

Preheat your oven to 350. Put a standard oven shelf in it - you know, the grate that goes in about halfway up the oven.

Wash the squash. In all honesty, this means "run it under water and rub it a bit". Get any visible dirt off. Can't see it? Don't worry about it.

Stab the squash with a fork four or five times.

Put squash in oven.

Wait an hour.

Take the squash out and let it cool for a minute. Chop it in half with the knife. I recommend chopping it along the long axis just because the next step will be easier (if you ignored my advice and got a spaghetti squash, cut it across the long axis instead of along the long axis.)

Scoop out the seeds and stringy bits with your spoon. Dump seeds and stringy bits in trash.

Scrape out the rest of the squash with your spoon and put that scraped-out part in the bowl. The goal is to basically remove the skin from the rest - it's just easier to remove the inner part from the skin.

If you're feeling very adventuresome, add some brown sugar.

Mix it up a bit. Chop it a little. Your spoon is fine for this. You don't want it to be solid, but you don't want puree either. If you're paranoid about getting it chopped the wrong amount just don't chop it up until you find yourself thinking "wow, this would be even better if it was softer."


Good, no?
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