August 7th, 2006


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I am trying to come up with words to describe just how badly AOL has just fucked up.

I can't.

Summary: AOL just released a log of 20 million search queries, made by half a million people, publicly on the Internet. This data includes social security numbers, credit cards, names, and locations. The actual identities of the people who searched are obfuscated - each person is replaced by a random number - but they are grouped by user, and if you're seeing a bunch of searches about a certain city, it's a good bet the searcher lives in the city. I imagine you can come up with other ways to identify people if you try.

This data may or may not contain searches made by people under 18. (I say this because I can't prove it does, but I would be absolutely shocked if they were able to prove it doesn't.)


If you want to talk to me with a chat program, could you switch to Jabber? I think I'm going to start moving away from AOL Instant Messenger. I will still be on there, but I think I'd prefer a different network as my default. You know, one a little less prone to leaking personal information.