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what, aren't I interesting at all?

Forewarning: this is a Grumble At Other People Who (Probably) Read This entry. I was just browsing through some of my recent entries and realizing that . . . ya know, nobody actually says anything to me. The last (one, two, three, four, five) FIVE enties have been completely non-replied. And I know that these have been read by at least one person. Probably two. Probably more, actually. Okay, yes, two of these were written today after 1 AM, but the rest *weren't*, and I know perfectly well that at least two people were still awake at that hour.

On my friends page, there are a total of three chains of unreplied-to entries I can see. Two of them are three items long, one of them is two items long. However, for one of the three-item chains, the last two entries were post-3:30 AM, and I'm about 90% sure I'm the first to read them (and I haven't actually read the second one, either, I just noticed it because I was opening the page to check and it showed up. Likely I'll reply to him, since he's making references to me.) (you know, I just realized - he's the first male I've got on this friends page :P okay, second. But the first doesn't know me, I just added him 'cause it was easier than checking it repeatedly. He's the first male who has *me* on his friends page.)

Anyway. So maybe I'm just in a lull recently?

Checking the detailed profile stats, I find that most people have about a 1/1 post/reply ratio. (yes, I realize how "duh" this is. But males really *do* have more children than females, remember.)

Mine is about 2.2/1.

Geez. Am I that boring, that intrusive, that unlucky, or just plain blowing this out of proportion?

LEMME KNOW, people! I post things here because I want people to see 'em, and if they think anything about it, reply to 'em :P
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