Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

It’s the story of a truce that I asked for
It’s the story of a sun that I hoped for
It’s the story of a love that I thought was living
It’s the story of a beautiful day, [my] little child
I wanted very happily for the whole world , I wanted
I hoped that peace would be reigning master tonight of Christmas
But everything continued, but everything continued

No, nothing has changed
Everything has continued (repeat)

And then what of the people who sang with us
And then what of the people who got down on their knees
To pray, yes to pray
But I saw everyday on television
Even the night of Christmas the barrels of cannons
I cried, yes I cried
Who will be able to explain to me that


Me, I think of the child who asks why
All the time, yes all the time
Me, I think of all that but I should not
All those things there don’t look at me [don’t concern me]
And still yes still and still and
I sing, I sing


. . . so, this means that the aliens came out of the streams on *Christmas*?

if anything this game just plain keeps getting weirder.

For those who are curious: There's this game called MDK that was designed to basically be a very cool action game. And succeeded, brilliantly. Your character is Kurt Hectic, a janitor wearing an armored bodysuit with a sniper helmet and a parachute. You travel through the alien landcrawlers to find the boss and kill him.

The fact that it's a janitor might be your first tip-off to the overall sheer dementia and surrealism of this game. The first room of the game contains a powerup that, when you approach it, screams and runs away from you (you have to corner it to pick it up). The second room of the game contains (once you kill all the enemies) the first World's Smallest Nuclear Explosion you find. You pick it up and throw it, and the screen shakes and glows whitely and this mushroom cloud balloons up from the impact site . . . it gets about five feet high or so.

Later on there's the World's Most Interesting Bomb. When you throw it it sits on the ground and all the enemies cluster around it, going "oooh! ahhhh!"

Then it explodes.

The level bosses continue the same surreality - one spends the entire fight pedaling an exercise bike. One of them forces you to turn your sidekick into what is effectively a one-eyed seal and throw it at him. (He eats it.)

Even this doesn't really show you how strange the game is - the levels are ENORMOUS and absolutely beautiful.

And when you finally beat it, it goes, for no known reason, to a music video with this music and, as visuals, a strange mix of (a) some girl singing (b) shots from the game (most of which never actually occur - they seem to be from the beta or something) and (c) the bosses of the game jamming on guitars and drums and such.

You never really find out what happened.

For those who are curious, I've put both the ending MP3 and the game itself up here - the game's about 90mb, and oughta run on most systems today, though you might have trouble getting the sound to work if you're not experienced with older games.
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