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it's always the small things . . .

. . . that get me in unexpected ways.

This time it was the music played during the end movie of Final Fantasy 7. My standard random playlist (i.e. all the stuff on my hard drive that I've listened to already - nearly 3000 tracks at this point, and probably well over a week of audio) picked it up randomly.

Flashback: sitting in my room with my ex, reminiscing about FF7 by browsing all the full-motion-videos in it. Weapon Attack, for one - great sequence . . .

and the ending, of course.

That was just a day or two before I left for here for the first time . . . now that I look back on it, that was the last great time I had with her.

no. there was one other.

Just before the last - not last. final.

Just before the final bad time.

At least it's playing something different now.
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