Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

<racter> Hm, 4 AM down here.
<racter> You've been extremely helpful, y'know. Thanks a bunch.
<Kniht> np, i had some drugs earlier, made me feel all helpful and happy
<MachinShi> lol
<racter> If this is not excessively curious -- what kind of drugs make you feel helpful and happy while at the same time leaving your mind in a state such that you can still figure out C++ trivia?
<Kniht> oh, this stuff isn't hard
<racter> Fluoxetine, I bet that's it.
<racter> either fluoxetine or clonazepam, or both
<racter> I'm just kidding. And I shouldn't be. I have a couple of friends who've been put under pharmacotherapy lately, and the results are _very_ disgusting.
<racter> The current trend to (try to) cure psychological/family/emotional problems by using drugs is, to say the least, Satanic.
<racter> this is totally off-topic, but has anyone here read the opening words on www.prozac.com?
<Kniht> depends on the particular problem
<racter> "Do you have a hard time enjoying the things you used to? Do you frequently feel overwhelmed? Have uncontrollable feelings of guilt or worthlessness and low motivation? Find it difficult to concentrate? Notice that you're sleeping too much or too little?"
<ZorbaTHut> racter, I agree with you. I won't touch drugs.
<Kniht> interesting.. all the pictures of people visible from the front page of prozac.com are female
<racter> Not only that, they are the kind of fictional standardized females that look like they've been just ripped of some Image Bank catalog.
<Kniht> (5 total)
<racter> s/of/off/
<racter> "Your father didn't love you and that has made you feel miserable for the past 15 years? No problem. Take this pill."
<Kniht> all white, no minority, the one under 'understanding depression' doesn't look like that
<ZorbaTHut> I could use a fictional standardized female right about now.
<racter> Zorba: hah
<Kniht> ZorbaTHut: i believe the stereotype includes not liking to have sex very often
<racter> you could use a steak folded in two for that particular purpose :P
<ZorbaTHut> kniht, not in *my* fiction :)
<Kniht> lol
<MachinShi> ZorbaTHut: damn straight :)
<Kniht> i like my /real/ gf better than that anyday
<ZorbaTHut> kniht, if I had one . . .
<ZorbaTHut> can I borrow yours? ^^
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