Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

eight months left

so I'm mostly packed up.

there's still a few things to cram into the big suitcase (otherwise known as the Red Ugly Thing) but besides that I'm good to go. There isn't going to be much repacking at Oberlin either - with my mental inventory I think the only things I'll be snagging are Shodan's hard drive and Ken-Ohki, who will fit nicely in my backpack, although he'll probably get me a weird look or two if they decide to search my backpack as usual.

sheesh, I really don't need anything in my suitcases. Maybe I should have them shipped. Except they'd probably want to put them in boxes . . . well, I'll ask. Pull the keyboard out if they do let me . . . it's the only thing I'd need at Oberlin. (don't ask.)

so now I go to Oberlin and maybe hang out a little with friends between tests and stuff, if they have enough time, and otherwise clean my room and hang out in the lab playing Escape Velocity until the 18th, and then I go home and get a house somewhere (either with hawkswift and two other people if I can find two other people to be the two other people) or somewhere else.

I'd want to be with people . . . except they'd have to put up with my insanity . . . and unless they're good friends I can't ask that of them.

so yeah.

(am I using the term insanity too lightly? would it fit? it feels right. I'm certainly not sane, so wouldn't that mean I'm insane?)

then I go to snow blind studios and work there . . . which is surreal. signing up for the Star Wars Galaxies beta they had a checkbox asking if I was professionally in the game development business. Well, it sure doesn't feel like it, but I guess technically I am now. Go figure. They probably won't let me betatest now.

I guess I really don't have any more to say.

the topic, incidentally, has nothing to do with anything that any group of people would collectively consider reality.
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