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Take the Which Star Wars Character are you mostly likely to get it on with? quiz, by ProtocolDroid.


Took the Lightsaber quiz too. Chose "violet" as what I wanted, and guess what? I got violet. Got suspicious. Chose green and got green. *sighs* Chose red, got red. Chose blue. Got red. No, I don't know what this means either.

***Have you ever...***
*... kissed your cousin? Nope.
*... ran away? No, but I came mighty close once.
*... pictured your crush naked? Uh, yeah. :P
*... broken someone's heart? *sighs* yes.
*... been in love? Yes.
*... cried when someone died? Yes.
*... wanted someone you knew you couldn't have? <sarcasm> Never. </sarcasm>
*... broken a bone? Nope.
*... drank alcohol? Not more than wine.
*... lied? Not for a year and a half, though I did break a promise in the last month or so.
*... cried in school? Yes.

***Do you believe in...***
*... love at first sight? Yeah.
*... God? If he's out there, he's not paying any attention.
*... kisses on the first date? Absolutely.
*... monsters? If they're allowed to be human, yes.
*... horoscopes? Not the kind in magazines. I'm sorry, there are more than 12 things happening every day. The big detailed birthcharts . . . maybe.
*... aliens? Sure :)
*... ghosts? I believe I don't know enough to believe anything about 'em.
*... heaven? No.
*... hell? Yes. (Though maybe I'm being cynical on this one and the last one.)
*... cheating? Nope.

***Which is better ...***
*Coke or Pepsi? Eww.
*Sprite or 7-Up? Whatever.
*Girls or guys? Girls.
*Flowers or candy? Candy.
*Scruff or clean-shaven? Clean-shaven, I think.
*Quiet or loud? Loud.
*Pools or hot tubs? Hot tubs.
*Blondes or brunettes? Brunettes.
*Bitchy or slutty? Dude. Slutty. You mean there's a *question*?
*One pillow or two? One.
*Pants or shorts? Pants.
*Gap, American Eagle, or Columbia? See "Coke or Pepsi".

***The Preferred Sex***
*What do you notice first? The smile.
*Last person you slow danced with? no comment. :/
*Worst thing to do with a member of said preferred sex? Probably pass out for no good reason.
*Best place you know of to go on a date? Uhm . . . I don't. ;.;
*Short or long hair? Short.
*Piercings or none? Yes if they're tasteful and not overdone.

***The last time you...***
*... showered? Yesterday.
*... had sex? Few weeks ago.
*... have been to a party? Today. Wait, it's after midnight. Yesterday.
*... had a great time with the opposite sex? . . . bleah. no comment.

***What is...***
*... your good luck charm? None.
*... [who is] the person you hate the most? No comment. Not in the mood.
*... the worst song you've ever heard? I try to avoid thinking about this one :P
*... the best thing that has happened to you today? Not much important happened today. And that was good. Oooh, pizza was tasty.

*Color: Dark blue/green.
*Movie: Sometimes Toys. Sometimes LA Story. Sometimes other things.
*Book: Not sure.
*Subject in School: What school? :P
*Online buds: Heh. I think I'll avoid this question.
*Place to go when you have no where to go: Online. Dick's. Avi's house.
*Cars: Motorcycles.
*Food: Italian mostly. Sometimes sushi.
*Ice cream: Mint chocolate chip - the white kind - or anything seriously chocolate.
*Soft drink: Sobe or Thomas Kemper.
*Sports to watch: . . . does bobsledding count?
*Holiday: I loathe holidays.
*Season: I don't like many seasons either. They're either uncomfortably or depressing.
*Breakfast food: What's "breakfast"?
*Place to go with your honey: Uh-huh. Right. Next question.
*Place to go with your friends: Avi's house, usually. :P

*... makes you laugh the most? The gang in general.
*... makes you smile? . . . I'm not going to answer this one because I don't want to think about the people I wouldn't list.
*... gives you a funny feeling when you see them? nobody right now.
*... has a crush on you? Hah. Yeahright.
*... do you have a crush on? nobody right now.
*... gives you kisses? see above.
*... do you like to kiss? Just about any really good friend . . .
*... has it easier, guys or girls? Dunno.

***Do you ever...***
*... sit by the phone waiting for a call all night? Nope. I sit online. :P
*... save AOL conversations? Occasionally, though I'm planning to install AimPlus to save 'em all for me.
*... save emails? Sometimes.
*... wish you were someone else? All the time.
*... wish you were a member of the opposite sex? See above.
*... want to look differently? *laughs* well, yes.
*... cried because of someone's mean words? oh yes.
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