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<foobar> you dropped out, really ?
<foobar> or are you just joking ?
<ZorbaTHut> eh, for now it's real. I might be going back in a year.
<foobar> hold on a sec, i have a web page to show you
<foobar> http://www.fiu.edu/~mizrachs/emf-war.html
<foobar> weren't you majoring in physics for awhile ?
<ZorbaTHut> mmm, a little bit, yeah.
<foobar> well, i had something extremely bizarre and nasty happen to me at UC Irvine the last year or so
<foobar> its related to that web page i just listed
<foobar> basically, i think the federal government has a program in which they restrict who gets advanced training in ceratin areas, like physics, chemistry, maybe other areas also
<foobar> i started hearing a high-pitched noise just about anywhere i'd try to study, similar to whats described in that web page
<ZorbaTHut> seems unlikely
<foobar> you know most research in physics is funded by the department of defense
<foobar> i think they are checking out people who are studying in these areas, enlisting the help of foreign students and some american students as well
<foobar> yeah, it sounds completely crazy
<foobar> i think one of the things that can disqualify you is bisexuality or homosexuality
<foobar> which i believe you somewhat admitted to in-channel awhile ago
<foobar> and also, those "bare-assed nekkid dinners" =) at the hippie dorm ...
<foobar> may have been enough to disqualify you
<foobar> think back, have you ever had conversations w/other students in which they seemed to be probing your views as regards patriotism, etc ?
<foobar> why did you drop out ?
<ZorbaTHut> heh. at oberlin? no, *never* talks about politics . . . *rolls eyes*
<ZorbaTHut> I dropped out because of emotional problems.
<foobar> well, are you sure your problems weren't induced ?
<foobar> maybe to some extent ?
<foobar> being a loner, intoverted i definitely think they do not like
<ZorbaTHut> um, yeah. there wasn't anybody making them.
<foobar> i think one of their motivations is to avoid highly trained people from this country leaving to work in other countries
<foobar> well, keep an open mind ... im absolutely sure this happened to me
<foobar> because i realized what was going on at which point the group that was doing it became more open about it
<foobar> consider going to another country to continue your studies, preferably one that isn't an extremely close ally of the usa ... maybe france for example
<ZorbaTHut> personally, I think you're just nuts. sorry. :P
<ZorbaTHut> and not in the good way.
<foobar> yeah i expected as much
<ZorbaTHut> especially because I'm already planning to get out of the country at some point, and I have been for a few years, so they're not really pushing me either way.
<foobar> oh, well good
<foobar> i want to leave ASAP myself, but i have to save up some money first
<foobar> how many gay physicists have you heard of, by the way ?
<foobar> the military hates fags, that much we know
<foobar> and the military has basically taken over physics depts at better universities in this country
<foobar> how many bisexual physicists have you heard of ?
<foobar> seems like they're all hetero and married to me
<foobar> aren't you curious why i think this was happening to me ?
<ZorbaTHut> not really. it's been clear to me for a long time that you're basically disconnected from any semblance of reality.
<foobar> just during this exchange ?
<foobar> or from our previous irc conversations ?
<ZorbaTHut> previous too. this one just helps matters.
<foobar> hm, i thought i had been coherent and rational in our previous chats
<foobar> maybe a bit annoying ... but rational =)
<foobar> zorba, does the CIA recruite at oberlin ?
<foobar> or the FBI ?
<ZorbaTHut> not that I'm aware of.
<foobar> oh yeah, another question ... did you ever get the impression that any of your profs were aware of things they should have no way of knowing about ?
<ZorbaTHut> and you have a decidedly irrational fixation with bisexuality and nakedness.
<foobar> did anybody act at all odd towrads you at school after you mentioned those bare-assed nekkid dinners onIRC ?
<ZorbaTHut> oh, all the time. did you know that one of my compsci professors ACTUALLY knew COMPSCI?
<ZorbaTHut> not a lot of compsci. but STILL!
<foobar> no i do not !
<ZorbaTHut> and yeah you do. one of those or both has come into literally every conversation.
<ZorbaTHut> and no, they didn't :P
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