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ZorbaTHut: *sighs and hugs*
Mistress Eleri: hrm? *cuddles you close.*
ZorbaTHut: just . . . thinking.
ZorbaTHut: too many people just don't think about those they claim to care about.
ZorbaTHut: and it causes so much pain.
Mistress Eleri: Mm.
ZorbaTHut: I mean, when someone says "I really want to spend some time with you", there's no other way to take it . . . but so often it just gets ignored. like
"yes, they keep saying that, it must not be important"

ZorbaTHut: when it's the fact that they keep saying it that should indicate how important it is.
Mistress Eleri: *sigh.* yep.
ZorbaTHut: and then afterwards . . . it's like, if they'd just say "I'm sorry" and promise to patch things up and *keep* that promise, it would all be better. I've
been in this situation myself, I've seen it so many times. it *would* go back to the way it was. but they don't. they avoid the person, they make vague
reassurances . . . they say "I'm sorry" then avoid the other person like the plague.

Mistress Eleri: mmhmm. or actively get angry, in my case. "I don't know what more you want from me!" (but I'm telling you. I want time with you.)
ZorbaTHut: yeah, exactly!
ZorbaTHut: I just don't *get* it. If someone needs to spend time with you and you care, you do it. If you've hurt them and you care about them, you try to put
them back together again. You don't back off and avoid them.

ZorbaTHut: I mean, there's something to be said for that if they say they want room, or they don't want to be around you, but . . . if they *want* to see you,
maybe they *know* what they need.

no, this isn't just referring to me - I've seen this way too many times, all over the place.
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