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I suppose I should explain that last entry a little more.

Well, replace "should" with "want to".

A lot of it's pretty sketchy - it was me and a bunch of other people at a party. A magician's party. Now, you know how some parties have recreational drug use? We had recreational physical-modification potions. Organized by animal type. No, I don't know what the animal types had to do with this. The one I drank started with S, and I think it was Walrus (yes, started with S, and yes, there's a contradiction there - bite me, it was a dream.)

So I drank the potion, and that was one of the listed effects ("INCREASE FEMALE ATTRACTIVENESS +6" - I don't remember any other effects it had, though it had at least half a dozen.) Apparently my "female attractiveness" stat was already pretty high though, and while I was sleeping in a tree (as walruses often do) (I *said* it was a dream) I overheard someone saying that line ("He makes the sexiest girl I've ever seen.")

Anyone good at interpreting dreams? :P
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