Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

It's taken much too long / to get it right, would it be so wrong
to maybe find someone / a miracle
And all I really need / is everything I could never be
and so I'd give it all / for a miracle
is there a trace / inside her face / of a lonely miracle
and so I wait / and lie awake / for a lonely miracle
You never really know / what it is, not until it goes
and if it comes again / it's a miracle
But what you miss is love / in everything below and up above
and she could bring it all / a miracle
All I wanted was a / All I needed was a miracle / a miracle

I keep wanting to post lyrics of this where people can read 'em in realtime, but . . . the only channel with people who I'd want to see this that's awake right now is the one with the person I asked out . . . so I kinda can't.


my mind works so fast at tracing down side-effects that I couldn't even do it accidentally :/

There's that standard question that's asked sometimes . . . if you could do it again, would you do it differently? Of course, it's meaningless. It should be, if you could do it again, with what you knew then, but with more time to think about it, would you do it differently?

With me, at least, the answer is always no . . . because I always do what's right at the time.

which means that I can't even delude myself into thinking "if only I'd thought about it more" . . . because I know it wouldn't have done any good.

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