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So I start thinking about writing an entry on trust . . . which reminds me that I haven't done the writing I was supposed to do, uh, two days ago . . . which reminds me that I spent all that time playing Chrono Cross because I really didn't want to think about anything . . . which reminds me that that just plain didn't *help* because, by sheer coincidence, one of the characters said something that coincides word-for-word with the first time someone ever told me they loved me (besides relatives, which is different) - the same someone who said they'd be with me forever and promised they wouldn't break up with me, and proceeded to do so mere days afterwards (at most) and not even tell me about it for a week and a half . . . which makes me wonder if I can trust anyone with something like that ever again . . . which makes me start thinking about writing something about trust.

I'm going to sleep.

Chrono Cross, incidentally, is a great RPG. Though you really have to have beaten Chrono Trigger first, or you won't get a lot of the references. And it has too many players.

Now I'm really going to sleep.
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