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Something I've been meaning to write, so I'll do it now while you're all thoroughly sick of me raving about John Constantine.

In the Utena Movie, there's this scene that is basically a colossal in-joke - it's got the Nanami cow, the three guys gone elephant, Chu-Chu, it's hilarious if you know what's going on and totally confusing if you don't. At the end, when the Nanami cow has half inhaled Chu-Chu, this strange red crocodile thing that you haven't seen ever before comes flying out of nowhere and sticks in its other nostril, asphyxiating the cow. They drop to the ground and make strange noises at each other (at which point you can see that the crocodile thingy has the same scribbly eyes that Chu-Chu does) and then the crocodile's mouth extends and, well - it sorta eats Chu-Chu. Or at least that's what it symbolizes. (yes, yes, Chu-Chu is Anthy, the crocodile is that crazy evil girl who turns into a car, you know that because she drew the crocodile on whatshisnames back, keep reading :P)

And for some reason this really disturbed me, and a day or two ago I figured out why. It's because there's this effectively innocent world, involving a cow, Chu-Chu, and the elephants, in which nothing can get hurt (c'mon, *how* far did that cow fly? And it was fine.) and, well, you kinda get the idea that this sequence could have gone on forever. And then suddenly, something shows up and destroys it. No, it's worse, actually - it was there all along. The crocodile is clearly of the same origin as Chu-Chu (the eyes!), and yet it's a destroyer, not an innocent - an unexpected thorn in the cushions, so to speak. It would be like digging out an old Candyland board and finding a section titled "Hitler's Holocaust Rules".

Anyway. Rant over. Time for . . . a DIFFERENT rant! Which the Holocaust thing reminded me of. If you're easily offended and believe that terrible things should be remembered every day so we can celebrate how evil humans are, don't read on. Otherwise . . .

While wandering through Wilder Bowl today, there was this guy reading a list of names, ages, and years. This actually happens pretty often - the last one I remembered was AIDS, so I assumed it was the same thing. It wasn't - as I got closer, I could read the sign, and it was holocaust victims. I had to walk through this area three times total for various reasons, and on the third time I had the impulse to just run up to him and yell, "look, they're DEAD. I mean, yes, it was terrible, we should always remember it and never let it happen again, but the bottom line is, when you say "1941" it means they died in NINE-TEEN-FORTY-ONE. That's sixty YEARS ago. You weren't born then. Your *parents* might not have been born by then. Geez, your grandparents might not have even *met* then. And in all likelihood, if it wasn't for the Holocaust a lot of those people would be dead *anyway*, of old age if nothing else. Do you think they want to be remembered like this? Like "oh, yes, another person who got killed in the Holocaust, how sad, let's move on to the next name"? If they were around, they'd probably just be telling you to get on with your life! So drop it already!"

And I didn't, because I probably would have been mobbed before the third word by irate obies, like I might be once people read this post anyway. So it goes. In some ways, I'm surprisingly conservative . . . I tend to believe "let people fend for themselves if they want, there's a limit to how much you can save someone from themselves, and when something terrible happens you try to fix it, try to make sure it doesn't happen again, then stop agonizing over it."

Of course, I'm a fine one to be talking about that . . . :/
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