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so tell me when you want me to tell you, because this is one thing I've never figured out.

Do you never want to hear any complaints I have about you? Should I just think "well, you're like that, I'll live, I just won't trust you"?

Should I only mention problems when I feel like you want to talk about it? Because that will likely be never.

Should I point it out to you when they happen? Should I say "this hurts" or "this isn't fair" or "this isn't what you promised", no matter whether you want to hear it or not?

Or do you want to deal with me whenever the pain hits me again? Are you willing for me to be angry at you, knowing that you're sorry, and knowing that it doesn't matter, that the damage is already done? Knowing that all "sorry" does is give you another chance in my mind to be the person that helps me recover, even if I won't ever fully forgive you? (But maybe I'll trust you again. In time.)

How about the little inconsequential (to you) things? My fears? My feelings? What I think of when I think about you? What if I told you they might not all be good?

More importantly, will you be angry at me for mentioning any of this?

Now. Honestly, this time.

Are you lying?

Tell me now, because what you say now I'll believe, and if you tell me a falsehood now I'll never believe you again.

(if you think this is aimed towards you, you're probably right. if you think this is aimed only towards you, you're certainly wrong.)
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