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ghosts, storms, dad, claire.

I'm sitting down to watch Totoro (and sheesh, I'm almost 30 minutes in already! Miyazaki is a master.) and the number of things I want to mention is skyrocketing.

One plotline that seems to be developing is those myths we tell little kids. Where does dust come from? It comes from little critters that wander around in the house while you're gone. Except - it *does*. In Totoro, at least. The creatures wander around the house, and the parents don't see them or think they're real. And yet, they saw them, when they were kids, and they *say* so - but they just dismiss it as what they thought as kids. Even though they're real.

The dad seems a bit different. He seems to believe in the possibility. More on the dad soon. (No, the "dad' in the subject does not refer to mine.)

Another scene - a big storm, the entire house rattling. Now there's something I miss. They don't happen often in Seattle, but they do happen occasionally. And they just don't happen here. Not a cold rainstorm, and the dorm doesn't make any noises. It squats and endures. It's boring.

The thing about being inside during a storm is you know you're safe. It's one of those Ultimate Triumphs over Nature. We can be inside, and warm, and outside there's water moving horizontally without anything but air underneath it. A nice big rainstorm. I miss those.

The dad seems to be a great guy so far. He's what I'd want to be.

No, that's inaccurate. He's what I *do* want to be . . .

Maybe his life isn't spectacular, but he enjoys life. He has a nice house out in the middle of nowhere, he's got two kids (both girls), he's got a wife with a comfortable relationship, he's got a laid-back relaxed mom . . .

and how much of that seems to be even remotely likely anytime in my life?

the disadvantage to being a tech: you need to be near electricity to make money.

(Although maybe, if I have enough at some point, I'll just take a year or two off and go live in the woods . . . no, I'm not an obsessed tech. I'm just good at it.)

I suppose I could write something about Claire. But she knows how I feel. And everyone who knows me around here knows how I feel. And . . . putting it down on bytes would trivialize it somehow. So I won't.
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