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16% fruit juice

So I'm looking at this cylinder of concentrated pink lemonade.

It says, in large letters, "16% fruit juice!"

Then it occurs to me to look at the ingredients.

Lemon juice is the third ingredient.

Grape juice is the FIFTH ingredient.

The fourth ingredient is lemon pulp. The sixth ingredient is "natural flavors".

Let us assume, for the time being, that lemon juice is 15% of the total volume. Therefore, grape juice is 1%. (Well, it does say "for color".)

Lemon pulp, perhaps 10% at most. Natural flavors is probably negligable.

So we have 26% of the volume used.

There are two ingredients left.

One of them is "Pure Filtered Water".

Unfortunately, it's the *second* ingredient.

Which means the first ingredient occupies more volume than the second. And, therefore, uses more than 37% of the volume, with the numbers we've got now.

So what is the first ingredient?


Oh boy. Gotta love that high fructose corn syrup and sugar! Mmm-mmm.

There's a *reason* this stuff hurts your throat after a while, folks >_< It's as bad as Safeway Select!
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