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people who should not be allowed to use computers, part 1

well, some people may have known that my mom has been getting help from me on computer stuff - her C++ class and her Linux class. Well, her latest assignment that she asked for help on includes the instructions at the beginning, which I reprint the relevant part of in case that link dies in the future:
E-mail the completed quiz to wsmith on this computer. Only e-mail to that address will be accepted; no other e-mail, and no hard-copy.
Okay, now *most* people reading this journal are probably computer-savvy enough to realize that this means that you should E-MAIL the quiz, right? Well, my mom came on asking for help with FTP (File Transfer Protocol, which is pretty much what it sounds like). After a few minutes of confusion with her talking about FTP directions I finally asked the illuminating question "what do you mean, FTP directions?" at which point it was revealed that she had somehow taken that phrase and the remark I'd made a month ago that you couldn't e-mail to that server from an external source and put them together and decided she needed to FTP it.

My comment: "and if he says 'e-mail', it seems pretty obvious that he means for you to e-mail it :P"

perhaps that was a little too far, because she got angry and logged off. Faugh. Rule one of using computers: READ WHAT THEY SAY. And chances are that if you're not good enough to know when that rule doesn't apply, you won't know how to deal with doing stuff on your own anyway.


(And it is true that, according to the spec and email systems, you can't e-mail to an IP. you *have* to have a registered domain, because the email destination information is stored in the same place as the domain name information.)

Ah, she just logged on again: "maybe you could avoid telling me the obvious."
"this is probably a mistake, but I just *have* to point this out - if it's so obvious, how come you didn't notice it?"

this will be fun, for sufficiently wrong definitions of "fun" :/
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