Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

<JeyK> How do you know Charles Cox?
<ZorbaTHut> I don't. Who's Charles Cox? :P
<JeyK> I used to be a regular on the SWAT3 message boards, and he's a developer on the SWAT series

. . . turns out I do.

I know I've mentioned this before, but does anybody else feel like there's maybe a thousand actual people in Seattle?



I'm working for cathexis's cousin, skycrashesdown had a crush on the same girl as I did - and knows *another* girl I had a crush on - I ran into zoidal on the bus (turns out he's working in Seattle, and joe is here too), majorbonnet and shrike30 know each other from way back, zachstroum mentioned galith's boffing club a while back, and I think petfish tripped in front of the Safeway that's near my house . . . and I'm not even *looking* for connections here. I mean, if I went around saying "Hey, who knows <someone's name here>" I can almost *guarantee* you that *somebody* is going to know them.

And with ALL THAT, how come absolutely NOBODY seems to have run into my ex, despite - in some cases - working in the EXACT SAME PLACE? (The Seattle Science Center, for those curious, although I honestly don't know if she still works there or not.)

I may as well ask it straight out here, because *somebody* is going to say "hey, I know her!" - does anybody know a Naomi Bancroft? (And no, this isn't aimed at those who I *know* know her, okay? no smart comments, kthx)

Incidentally, Charles Cox is the_agent - I feel fine about mentioning this because it's in his user profile. :P
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