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shipping idiocy

So a while back I ordered a Lian Li PC-76 case. Nice case. Really nice case. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but m00t said it hadn't arrived, and so I thought, hey, maybe it got delayed a little and it'll be delivered today. No biggie.

I check the tracking info, just to make sure.

Turns out that it got to Seattle and - I quote - "RECEIVER MOVED, NOT DELIVERED; PACKAGE RETURNED TO SENDER".

Since I thought it was possible that I'd sent it to my old house, and something weird had happened, I decided to call UPS and find out what was happening. Well, I found out - you know that first line in the address, where you have something like 123 71st St NW?

Well, they had the equivalent of "123 71".

This *despite* the fact that both confirmation emails I was sent had the right address.

So I called the company I bought it from (which should be recieving it again in a day or two). After some explaining with their sales representative (who, of course, does not speak English very well - I've ranted on *that* before also) it appears that it wasn't meant to be shipped when I ordered it.

For some reason it was scheduled to be shipped *today*, a full week *after* I ordered it.

Despite the fact that they already shipped me one, TO THE WRONG ADDRESS, and billed me for it.

Are you confused? I know I am.

They're going to call me back. If they don't in fifteen minutes or so, I'm calling them again.
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