Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

<stevieo> I want to patent stupidity to prevent its use in the future
<Oax> stevieo: prior art

Hampden, Maine (Bangor suburb), cop pursues driver to question him about expired plates. Driver keeps going. Driver pulls into driveway to pretend like he’s home, hoping that will persuade cop to give it up. Cop stops in front of house. Driver knocks on door, asks to use phone. No. Driver knocks on neighbor’s door, same thing. Cop finally walks over to question driver, who pretends that the earlier pursuit never happened. Cop notices odor of alcohol, writes summons. Also, driver is 19; also driver has additional warrant outstanding. And finally, oh, that house that the driver originally stopped at to pretend like he was home: Well, that was the cop’s house, and the cop was sort of watching the whole thing, perhaps immobilized by incredulity, perhaps just playing rope-a-dope with the driver.

Bed! Going! Now! Spam! Stopping!
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