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I'll be home in . . . um . . . (timezones, where's my airplane schedule, ah, screw it) lemme restart this one.

I'll be leaving for home in about three hours. When I get home . . . well, I'll be spending probably around 50 hours awake, for one thing. Or more. hee hee.

It occured to me recently that it's about dead-certain I'll meet her. I mean, even making no effort, wandering around, I'll probably end up face-to-face with her by accident at one point. Yeah, so it'll hit 1200 people, maybe, at most. 1200 is NOT that many. And it won't be 1200 at once either.

So . . . yeah.

I wonder how that'll go.

Full circle . . .

Anyway. So I probably won't make any entries until I'm back. I'll let you all know how it goes, tho :)

In other news, the hard drive in my linux box fried a few hours ago. Dunno what went wrong with it. It clicks now though, and refuses to initalize itself. Stupid hardware glitch :( So I have no linux box anymore. Again :P

. . . don't really have any more to say, I guess. Cya in a few days.

(And a reminder to people at Oberlin - find a car? if you can? 9:19PM Sunday at Hopkins Airport, flight 1184 on American Airlines . . .)

(wait. AMERICAN? Ah great, I'm gonna have a stopover in TEXAS. that SUCKS.)

Let me know, people :)

. . . and I'm still feeling curiously . . . nothing.
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