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So one of my friends had posted a comment or two in otakus_suck, and a link to there. (Don't bother clicking that. If you do, well, you'll see why.)

The maintainer of said community flamed her. Like, big-time. Saying "I didn't give you permission to post a link to my community, I'm going to contact abuse and get them to suspend your account!"

She was worried, and happened to talk to me.

See, this is where it comes in handy having volunteered in lj_support for a bit. Especially when you were always interested in the workings of lj_abuse, despite never having the time to actually contribute.

She hadn't done anything wrong. She hadn't flamed, or spammed, or been angry or *anything*. The other people, on the other hand, had a hate-based community . . . and I know just how much the abuse people *love* hate-based communities.

The truly ironic thing is, if the maintainer hadn't sent the email to abuse, they probably wouldn't have found it for a good long time.

The maintainer called it down on *herself*!

And now otakus_suck is no more. So sad.

Not really. :P
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