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Oy. Three days of anime convention . . . I'm writing this then going to bed. Again. I slept on the plane on the way here, but considering that I was up for over 50 hours with perhaps a one-hour nap on the floor of one of the presentation rooms (while listening to what was, as near as I can tell, a violinist trying to exorcise a cat - no, that's NOT a comment on the quality of the sound, that's an actual description of what was going on onscreen) I think I deserve it.

But, I oughta give a rundown on the Events, while they're fresh in my mind . . .

Okay. So I stay up all night because, well, my schedule was hokey anyway, and pack and all. Before I leave I realize that I might start feeling bad for not doing homework, so I proclaim to myself "I am now officially on vacation!" and walk out the door. Or I would have if I hadn't managed to catch my pants on one of those little metal bits on the bottom of my bed and almost do a faceplant on my floor. Not a great start :P

So I get to the Oberlin Hotel, and sit around waiting for the shuttle. As I'm sitting in the back of the hotel, a police car pulls up and someone looking like they're doing something gets out and strides inside. A few minutes later I hear sirens, and wander around to the other side to see fire trucks pulling up. Since the building is very clearly not on fire I ignore it and go back to chainmailing. Then the roof starts dripping.

Turns out the sprinkler system triggered in one room for no known reason and wouldn't turn off. It never occured to me that all that water has to go *somewhere* . . . well, it did, it rained under the overhang for a bit. (Only in a few small spots, but still.)

The shuttle was late, of course, but I didn't really mind. I wouldn't mention it at all if it wasn't for a rather amusing incident on the freeway. We're speeding along - literally speeding, I think, the driver was hurrying because he was late. And we get passed by a SEMI. Two, actually. On the side was written "Delivered by 10:30 or it's free!" I checked my watch - it was 9:55. Good luck, guys :)

I get to the airport and get home - nothing much to mention there. Now, getting to the con was interesting. See, I live at about 50th South. My mom goes to school at around 80th North. Well, my research of bus routes and all gave me a possible plan, so my mom drove me to a bus terminal at 100th North. And I caught a bus from there to 200th North. And caught *another* bus from there up past 250th North, at which point it became technically a different city and turned into 250th South, all the way to 120th South.

That's, what, 400 blocks?

Seattle's BIG.

Now the surrealism *really* starts. Well . . . I *was* at an anime con . . .

I'm not gonna give a play-by-play, just a few isolated incidents. For example:

Watching an anime I've never seen, called Black Heaven. The full logo reads: "BLACK HEAVEN: Rock to save space." It's about, as near as I can tell, a rock'n'roll star turned salary man, who is actually the Prophet for an alien species who need his music to win a war - something about powering their big cannon, I think.

Browsing the seller stalls - they had full models for Eva-00, Eva-01, Eva-02, and Eva-03. Yes, 03. Those who have seen a lot of Eva will understand why this is sick, wrong, and very very funny - those who have not should see more Eva.

(it was a nice model, too.)

Wandering around in the hotels - a man in a suit with a little white mask (yep, it's Tuxedo Mask!) talking to just some normal guy on the street, being listened to by a ROBOT COMBAT SUIT. Yes, someone built an entire suit of armor - probably plastic or styrofoam or something, but it looked like somewhat dull rust-red metal. Completely enclosing - if I run into the guy tomorrow out of armor, I couldn't possibly recognize him. If I met him in the con early (I very well might have) I sure wouldn't recognize him. Looked awesome. This little girl walks up and challenges him to rock-paper-scissors. And wins. (He chose rock, btw.)

More seller stalls - sitting end-to-end, the complete box sets of Lain, Magic Knights Rayearth, and La Blue Girl! (respectively, scifi surrealism, girls go to another planet to save it, and hardcore tentacle porn.)

The whole thing was . . . utterly insane. As anime conventions are always. The only complaint I've got is that they only had two public viewing rooms. They had three closed-circuit TV stations for the hotel rooms, but 1) I didn't have a hotel room, and 2) it's just plain not the same.

Well, anyway. Costumes: God only knows how many Ryogas. (He's a standard - popular character in a popular series, easy costume to make. Probably the most common costume out there.) Four Mikis. Four Xelloses, all female (the character is male). One Juri, Touga, Nanami, and Anthy each. Last year's Gourry was Zelgadis this year. The robot armor. (I don't know what series he was from.) Three different Vashes, one with a great trenchcoat, one with great guns, and one with great glasses. They all kinda sucked in the aspects they weren't great in though. Uncountable sailor scouts (I didn't try.) Lain in her pajamas. A cabbit. (Yes, a cabbit costume.) Two Linas or so.Can't think of anything else, but there were plenty - a few that I recognized as Nadesico characters, but since I haven't seen it yet . . . dunno.

And music videos. Oy, there were some *wonderful* music videos, and some really really screwed-up hilarious ones. For example, one done to the Red Dwarf theme. One done to Come Sail Away - the Cartman version. One done to Bye Bye Bye (is that what it's actually called?), and it was really good too. One done to the Ghostbusters theme, with wonderful lipsynching. Oh, speaking of lipsynching, the funniest part of any of them was a few lines of nonsense syllables in one song - that were lipsynched. PERFECTLY. The best part is that the footage came from a conversation between two characters, and about two thirds of the way through the nonsense it cut to a shot of the other guy looking very very confused. I would be too :) An entire Cowboy Bebop music video that was almost solid still shots, and fantastic. Eva done to Ms. Robinson, starring Misato, with lots of fun Christian overtones.

I'm leaving a *ton* out. Three hours of solid music videos.

And there was a competition which was great fun - a game called Virtual On (actually, it had a somewhat longer name, but it didn't make any more sense then either) that was basically virtual giant robot fighting. No, not like "it's a game in which you fight giant robots", like "it's a game in which you're in a simulation of fighting giant robots." First time I played was midnight Friday - the competition was midnight Saturday. The first phase was semi-random bouts to figure out the best 16 players out of 24 or so, so we could move to elimination rounds - and I totally beat down. Standard two-out-of-three-KO's, and I didn't get KO'ed *once*. Aww jeah. Then I lost my first elimination round. DOH. Well, I didn't stand a chance, the best person in Washington State and his brother were there :)

The Loot: One Gunsmith Cats manga, volume 1. It's *good*. Real good. REAL good. I'm told there's stuff censored in later issues - judging by what they left in, I'm really curious about what exactly they cut. But it was absolutely wonderful.

One Battle Angel Alita manga, volume 1. Also really good. I am once again reminded about just how incredibly deep, complex, and paradoxical manga characters are sometimes. There's very few American comics that can compare to this. (Then again, there are very few manga also.)

One Tenchi manga, volume 2. Still good. Not quite the same, but it's light and fun, which the other two most definitely are not.

And the real prize - A KEN-OHKI PLUSHIE! YES! I NEEDED one of these. Anyone who's seen the cabbit plushies on my monitor, this is a male of the species (the only other cabbit we've seen in the series) and he's a LOT harder to find. There were, like, six for sale, and I think I got the last one. $25. Amazingly cheap. Ryo-ohki goes for $50 on e-bay, and these are harder to find *and* larger. I could probably turn around and make a profit right now if I wanted to :) It's so cute ^^

. . . what else?

Oh yeah. My ex wasn't there. And yes, if she'd been there, I would have run into her - I ran into people that I knew that I shared basically no interests with besides the general "anime". I know that even if they'd had more theaters, she would have gone for the game areas at some point, and especially this way, I was holed up in there for a good part of the con. So she wasn't there.

I kinda feel like she's doing everything she can to never have to talk to me again. I wonder if she is, and if she is, whether it's conscious or unconscious . . .

Anyway. I think I've rambled enough for now. I'm gonna catch up on LJ and go to bed - leave the 200+ e-mails for tomorrow . . .

(and that was SO fun . . .)
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