Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

love is forever

it is, you know.

i've said those special three words to some people . . . and some of them have left me. or hurt me.

but it doesn't mean I don't care anymore. just because i'm not starting the conversation. just because i haven't said anything. it just means i don't want to hurt you, i don't want to be hurt.

it's not that i don't trust you. i just don't trust the fact that i trust you.

though that's a lie, now. some people i don't trust. a lot of people i don't trust.

i'm worrying now that i've gone in the wrong direction. that maybe i've done the wrong thing. people tell me i shouldn't judge the future based on the past, but how else am i to learn?

four to six months.

the beginning of the year.

one last chance.

too many coincidences.

it's true, you know. if i've said those three words to you, they're still true.

they'll always be true.
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