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So yeah.

That rocked.

For those who are curious, I just got back from Night in the Park, effectively an excuse to walk around and hit people with foam weapons. There's generally an even matchup between PCs and NPCs - well, roughly even - and this time was no exception.

We, however, were the NPCs.

Imagine: The entire PC group coming to assault our camp, and we had five archers (me being one of them) set up on the ridge, raining arrows down on their heads. Enormous enormous battles.

It was fun.

I honestly don't have any words for it :P Though in a way, hanging out with the group at the end was the best, and tossing stories back and forth. We told the ballista stories (yes, we had a ballista - three-inch barrel) over and over, talked about past games, rambled on about things we did (like when a member of our team attacked a trash can) . . .

so yeah.

it was good.

wish you were here. :)
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