Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

very very bizarre dream

I went to visit Naomi - my first girlfriend - at her college. (I don't know if she goes to college or not, in reality, and if she does, I have no idea where.) I'd gone to visit there before - when I'd visited I'd played miniature golf with majorbonnet and two more friends, one of which I recognize as being the person who roomed with majorbonnet the first year and was in East the second year. (In reality, again, AFAIK majorbonnet doesn't know Naomi, and I know for a fact that they don't go to the same college, assuming Naomi even *does* go to college.) The miniature golf game was very interesting - it was a truly weird miniature golf, the kind you see in computer games, with water traps and beautiful architecture - like an entire theme park turned into a miniature golf course. I'd also hung out in the Fiction Library, which was actually a really cool place - it was basically a domeish building, only looked like it had been constructed out of cube shapes to form the dome. Well, the first floor was straight-walled, the second floor was the dome. An entire third of the roof was a gigantic glass skylight, and the walls were all wood and glass also. Each floor was about 60 foot square, I think - there were two floors, then a gigantic underground area. However, the coolest part was that there was a big circular cutout on each floor (except the bottom floor) directly beneath the skylight, with two open-air staircases lining it, leading in opposite directions. The walls were lined with books, except the bottom floor, which was a more conventional library pattern, though a lot less dense than most.

Note that the campus was vaguely based off Oberlin plans - the miniature golf course took up the entire block south of Wilder Bowl, and the Fiction Library was about where Stevie is.

So that's the *backstory*! (Yes, this dream came with its own backstory, enough so that I had to spend a minute after I woke up trying to figure out if parts of it were accurate :P)

I arrived at this school and walked past the Fiction Library and the miniature golf course. I was looking for Naomi, but was also trying to avoid her mom, and almost ran into her a few times. (Now that I'm thinking about it, her "mom" was, in reality, mattstp and shrike30's mom.) Somehow I ended up in the seafood store that was roughly where the bank is in Oberlin. I remember I wanted to buy sushi. Unfortunately the owner of the store chased me out. I ran into my best friend (I have no idea who this guy was in reality, if anyone) and we holed up somewhere to talk. For some reason it appeared that I wasn't the real me - or I was, but I was, like, some version of me from another dimension, and there was an *actual* me walking around the campus. This friend thought I was that version of me, and I was about to tell him and enlist his help for whatever it was I needed to do (I still have no idea what it was - I think I was just trying to get Naomi's help also) but the plumber showed up and I didn't want him to know about me, so I ran away. I think I remember him laughing diabolically. He was an evil plumber.

I vaguely remember a race on office chairs against miniature Half-Life shock puppies (the shock puppies won, but barely).

After that I ran into an alley and it turned out to be a series of puzzles that I had to solve if I wanted to get out alive. You know those annoying RPG puzzles, where you have a torch and there's a burning lantern, and you have to light your torch on the lantern and use it to light *another* lantern before your torch goes out? It was basically one of those, only much larger, and my torch was about an inch long.

Eventually I got past that part, and there were MORE puzzles! Most of which I don't remember, except I found friends to help me through them (we needed help, it couldn't be done one-person.) Apparently a lot of it involved using plants as combat (I clearly remember yelling "Grab the ammo!" and pointing towards two big trays of plants). The part I remember most is suddenly realizing we were surrounded by quickly-growing plants that would explode in about a minute. We could get rid of the plants with our carnivorous grass, but the plants were too widely spread and our carnivorous grass would die out, so first we had to seed the area with *really*-fast growing plants to give the carnivorous grass enough food to eat all the exploding plants.

Then it turned out the carnivorous grass would eat *us* if we couldn't figure out how to stay safe, and there wasn't enough room in the microwave oven for all of us, so we stood on one of our friends, who was - luckily - made entirely out of metal.

Then I woke up.
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