Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

"AUGH! This output makes no sense! It's totally impossible! Grrr. Okay, time to get down and fix it. I think the problem's in this area . . . it's the only area that makes even *remote* sense . . . *ponder*ponder*ponder* no, there's no *way* this area could be creating this problem. But the data's right coming in, and not coming out. Okay. So it's this area. I think I'll add some debug code."


"This debug output makes no sense at all! It's getting completely the wrong results! But I *still* don't see what could be causing it! Time for more debug output."


"This still makes no sense! It can't *make* these numbers! AUGH! . . . oh, wait. My debug code is wrong!"


"Great. Now I have a completely *different* set of impossible numbers."

This has just been one of those days. >_<

(I *still* don't know what's causing this problem. Did you know that the Euclidean distance between the vectors (168,251,255,133) and (0,66,86,118) is 3? Neither did I.)
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