Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

the motivation of zorba (case study)

So there's this comic I've been reading. And recently it's been kind of painful. One of the characters is quite intentionally hurting another one . . . the "other one" is in love with her. It's pretty devastating.

So why am I reading it?

There are plenty of other comics out there. Most of them aren't as painful. Most of them are light and funny. Some of them, of course, *are* just one brutal knockdown after another. I don't read those. Why am I reading this one?

Well, they're both in love with each other, in this case.

She's hurting him because she wants him to give up on her. It's a long and complex plotline. But . . . it's painful, but it's beautiful. And yes, it hurts to read it . . . to the level where I make sure there are people around that I can talk to before I open it up, because I don't know if it will trigger something.

But it *is* beautiful. And it's raw emotion. It's one of the few comics that makes me feel that way, that makes me know real betrayal and loss, from both sides. And that's a rare thing - it's something to be savored, even as it's hated, no matter how horrific it is.

If you understand that completely, you understand me quite well, I think.

Well, one facet of me.
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