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Okay, maybe that last entry needs some context.

Here's the short version.

Anarchy Online is your basic MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). It's got spells, only because it's sci-fi, they're called "nanos", as in nanotech. Most nanos can be bought in shops. Not hard. Some can't. A lot of those you can find as mission rewards - since there are programs out there that will keep re-requesting missions until you find what you want, those aren't really hard to find either.

Some can't be found as either.

Some of those are rare.

Nullity Sphere, for example, is the fourth rarest nano out there. It sells for about 10 million credits ingame. The conversion ratio is something like $2=1mil credits, so it sells for around $20 on EBay generally.

Grid Armor Mk I goes for 15 million credits, or $30. It's actually more common than Nullity Sphere, but not by much, and there's more demand.

I did a search for Grid Armor Mk II. On Ebay it's going for $200.

What I found is Grid Armor Mk III.

Note that it's a fixer nano. I'm a fixer. I can USE it.

sweeeeeet. :D

(The same boss that had Grid Armor on it also had two *more* rare Fixer nanos - though not *that* rare. Very very good boss to kill.)
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