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So I'm playing Halo. And I still have to write a long entry on how cool the AI is - not fantastic, it does some very stupid stuff, but it's plain *cool*.

This isn't that entry.

My small controller (I have two, the original controller and the smaller version) has very sensitive shoulder buttons. So sensitive, in fact, that if you brush them with any force it will occasionally trigger them.

I'm walking forward, with a small team of marines tailing me - I'm the Big Head Honcho Commando Guy - about to sneak around a turn and take out another group of bad guys, and I tap the left shoulder button on accident.

Left shoulder is "toss grenade".

I'm running forward, and I realize this too soon, and as such, am standing directly on top of the grenade when it goes off. I promptly die.

In the five seconds before the game reloads, I hear one of the marines behind me say, very distinctly, "Great. NOW what?"
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