Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

See, this is why Peter Molyneux is my hero. (I actually mean this literally, note. If I had to choose one person to look up to, it would be Peter Molyneux.)

In the latest PC Gamer, there's a scoop on Black&White 2. With an entire sidebar labeled "Molyneux Knocks B&W".

"I guess the biggest mistakes we made were with the introduction of the game and teaching people how to play. A huge mistake. We pissed off more people than we actually brought into the fold."

"I felt that the good-and-evil concept wasn't played out enough. There needed to be things that were far more polarized and the world should have changed far more."

"Some people didn't feel like the creatures had much use. You trained them up, but that was about it."

"And then the world - the players didn't seem to care about it."

"The camera . . . this was another stupid thing. Absolutely stupid. You have all the flexibility of the original game in B&W II - but to get all of that flexibility, you now have to press Caps Lock. Otherwise, it's mroe of an overhead fixed view. Why the hell we didn't do this in the first game, I have no idea."

"On alignment, we made one simple change that makes it so much better for that it's ridiculous that we didn't do it in the first game. (Well, it's my fault it didn't go into the first game.) And that change is, when you punish or reward your creature, you are shown exactly what you are punishing or rewarding them for. It was ridiculous that we didn't have that in B&W, and I'm sure I argued till I was blue in the face not to have it, and I can't for the life of me remember why I did that. It was just a silly thing to leave out."

In fact, the story STARTS with: "Black & White didn't mean everyone's expectations. The story wasn't epic enough or well-written enough, and the gameplay mechanics weren't defined enough."

See, this is why Peter Molyneux is God, and John Romero isn't. Because Peter Molyneux makes a game that rocks in some ways and is horrendous in others, and says "Wow, that was stupid of me! Look at all these dumb decisions I made! Well, I'll fix those for next time." And John Romero makes a game that rocks in some ways and is horrendous in others (okay, most, but some of his ideas were actually pretty cool) and then says "BUT MY GAME IS GOD, and so am I! Bow down before me and my perfect game!"

Anyway. Yes.

Peter Molyneux is God.
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