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paying for the right to advertise

Okay. Here is something I don't understand.

Let's say I want to get a T-shirt of some online comic I like. Let's say I want a nice image, or maybe a joke or something. Let us say that also I have no wish to be a walking billboard.

Now I should probably explain a little better. Yes, I'm wearing someone else's character on me. Yes, if I get asked, I'll tell people what it's from and mention how good it is (I mean, hey, I paid money to have their character on me, right?)

But I don't want to have a GIANT URL ON MY BACK.

At that point it's just inane.

Even worse: how about a MOUSEPAD with a URL on it? I *bought* the mousepad. I don't need to know what website I bought it from. This mousepad is rather nice. I like it. However, WHY does the person feel obliged to put both a title AND A URL on it?

There are a lot of tshirts I probably would have gotten . . . and then I found out that, every single time, they decided to put their URL on it or advertise on it. I'm not going to pay for the right to advertise someone's product.

But I might pay to support it.

So get a hint, people, mkay?
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