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today was not a marvel of functionality. far from it, in fact. Oww.

So I wake up around 9 AM or so and read for a bit, then decide to take a shower.

Then I wake up around 11 AM or so, in my bathrobe, with my hair inadequately washed. And realize that I'm lying in a really uncomfortable position. And realize that my wrist hurts . . . and my forehead hurts . . . and my jaw hurts . . . and my leg hurts.

By piecing together fragments of things that feel extremely dreamlike and insubstantial I manage to cobble together the following What I Think Happened -

Last night I wasn't very hungry, and wasn't feeling very well, so I didn't eat all that much. Apparently I had a lot less energy than I thought, also. When I went to bed I didn't put on enough covers - it was actually vaguely cold last night - however, instead of telling me it was cold, my body decided to keep itself warm. Draining even *more* energy. I went to take a shower and this all kinda caught up with me, leading me to realize that I was actually losing consciousness in the shower - I turned the shower off and supported myself on the wall, only that didn't help all that much, and I ended up trying to orchestrate a painless collapse on the shower floor. Which I thought was successful then since it didn't hurt, but now I think it might have merely been an utter lack of enough energy to feel pain, judging by the bump on my forehead, the I-have-no-idea-what-but-it-hurts on my jaw, and the shower-stall-tile-shaped bruise on my leg. (I don't know what happened to my wrist - it hurts like I was seriously overusing it, but it's my *left* wrist, and I never overuse my *left* wrist. I probably landed partially on it or something.)

So anyway, I ended up lying on the floor of the shower stall for a few minutes (at least it was off, neh?) and then realized I needed to get up and lie somewhere a bit more comfortable while I tried to recuperate. So I managed to lever myself up and (I thought) collect my stuff and literally stagger down to my room. I barely managed the little step that seperates the showers from the rest of the bathroom - I think there was someone in the hallway, but my memories are kinda blurry. So, in fact, was my vision, as one of the few things I *do* remember is recognizing my door as "those two blurs, and one is smaller than the other." ("the other" being the fire extinguisher next to the door.) So I stumbled in, dropped my stuff, and collapsed on the bed, in the previously-mentioned really uncomfortable position, and, well, crashed, in more than one sense of the word . . . (and I was actually *awake* before that, too!)

So when I woke up, I realized I still needed to finish rinsing (yes, this is important) so I managed to rinse REALLY fast in the shower - I had left my towel there too - and crash again on my bed, though I was definitely a bit more functional this time. (The last time was literally a uncertain question of whether I'd make it to my bed or not.

And eventually, when I was slightly more together, Sarah called me to go over and eat potatoes - I munched on a few and ended up crashing *again* (this time on her bed) while I waited for them to start Six String Samurai. Which they did, and I managed to stay awake for, so that was cool.

But, ugh. That whole thing stated previously sucked.

I'm gonna finish talking to my mom and nap again, I think. probably.

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